What Is Your Car Related Experience of 2014?

2014 is nearing an end, meaning you'll soon be confronted with many lists of "2014's Best This" and the "2014 ___ of The Year Awards" and blah blah blah. To help prepare you for the end of year wrap ups, I'm challenging you to think back and leave a comment below talking about your best car related experience of 2014. » 10/16/14 12:30am 10/16/14 12:30am

2014 Woodward: The Things You Want to See

Anybody can go to a dealer and look at a Ferrari and say it's lovely. In most cases, a Ferrari would be worth taking a picture of to show off to your friends so they can look at it and say "pretty sure that's a Lambo dude." There are however places where a Ferrari is just another car. These places include Monaco,… » 8/17/14 10:32pm 8/17/14 10:32pm

1970 Corvette 454 UPDATE!

I was asked about a month back to put of a large chunk of my money to own part of a classic Corvette. I naturally said wyes being I'm a 16 year old boy in hopes I would be able to drive it. I wound up owning a portion of the most powerful thing I will probably ever be able to own. A 1970 Corvette 454 LS5 390hp… » 7/18/14 9:26pm 7/18/14 9:26pm

Update on the Top Gear Merkur XR4Ti

As you may or may not be aware, late last year I purchased the Merkur XR4Ti used on Top Gear USA from Mr. Matt Hardigree. Here is the story if you haven't read it. After months of wrenching and cleaning, I can safely say that I am just a few weeks worth of work from having the car exactly where I want it. This… » 4/27/14 10:37pm 4/27/14 10:37pm

Cars Through the Eyes of a Non-Car Guy

One of my close friends is over today, while we hang out a lot, the dude doesn't know jack about cars. I, naturally, handed him a MacBook and told him to write about cars. While it may not be gut bustingly hilarious like this article with a similar concept, this is what he came up with. I present to you, Cars Through… » 4/25/14 10:05pm 4/25/14 10:05pm