2015 Mustang EcoBoost VS. Merkur XR4Ti

Being the owner of a Merkur XR4Ti and the son of another XR owner, we were both very excited when we heard Ford was reviving the 2.3 Turbo engine in the Mustang. The Mustang hasn't been powered by a 2.3 Turbo since the SVO which ended production in 1986 and featured the same engine that was slotted into a Sierra… » 10/31/14 3:45pm 10/31/14 3:45pm

What Is Your Car Related Experience of 2014?

2014 is nearing an end, meaning you'll soon be confronted with many lists of "2014's Best This" and the "2014 ___ of The Year Awards" and blah blah blah. To help prepare you for the end of year wrap ups, I'm challenging you to think back and leave a comment below talking about your best car related experience of 2014. » 10/16/14 12:30am 10/16/14 12:30am

2014 Woodward: The Things You Want to See

Anybody can go to a dealer and look at a Ferrari and say it's lovely. In most cases, a Ferrari would be worth taking a picture of to show off to your friends so they can look at it and say "pretty sure that's a Lambo dude." There are however places where a Ferrari is just another car. These places include Monaco,… » 8/17/14 10:32pm 8/17/14 10:32pm

1970 Corvette 454 UPDATE!

I was asked about a month back to put of a large chunk of my money to own part of a classic Corvette. I naturally said wyes being I'm a 16 year old boy in hopes I would be able to drive it. I wound up owning a portion of the most powerful thing I will probably ever be able to own. A 1970 Corvette 454 LS5 390hp… » 7/18/14 9:26pm 7/18/14 9:26pm

Update on the Top Gear Merkur XR4Ti

As you may or may not be aware, late last year I purchased the Merkur XR4Ti used on Top Gear USA from Mr. Matt Hardigree. Here is the story if you haven't read it. After months of wrenching and cleaning, I can safely say that I am just a few weeks worth of work from having the car exactly where I want it. This… » 4/27/14 10:37pm 4/27/14 10:37pm